IT-Project Management

The management of IT-Projects is a complex task that requires a good understanding of business, technical knowledge and particularly acting socially and humanely. Projects are embedded in a stress field between sponsors, employees, departments and other stakeholders. The Project-Management of Portamus is organized at best, analytical, target-oriented and has good social skills.


We know how to meet the conditions regarding content, quality, budget and time and make sure that all participants are adequately involved and integrated into the project. We make sure that knowledge and information is transfered to your organization so that you stay independent. We are looking forward to complementing your team in order to master our joint project according to your expectations. Make everybody happy is not possible - we take the challenge to prove the opposite.


Project status reports are the results of a profound analysis of the status quo, the progess made and they contain a forecast to future activities. They give you the transparency over the project and enable us to plan next steps so that the objectives are always met. Analyzing is a permanent task of the project management to ensure that necessary changes can be anticipated. It is self-evident for us that the situation is presented honestly and conscientiously.


Each project has objectives and targets that we realize verifyably together with you. We transform ideas to reality. See System Integration, Business Processes & Workflows, Software Development and Website Engineering.